Monday, July 10, 2006

I Just Love Microsoft Publisher!

I just love my Microsoft Publisher program! There are probably a lot of techies out there who would cringe at what I just said, but "I love my Microsoft Publisher" software program. Why? because I can do so many, many things with it. For a small business doll pattern designer it is THE best and MOST versatile program out there.

What can I do, you wonder?

Well, with Publisher I can create both my Linda Walsh Originals website and my Linda Walsh Originals Dolls website. Both were created by Publisher and then published to the web via FTP to my hosting company.

When I need to update either website I go into my Publisher file for that particular website, update it for the changes I need, and then re-publish the updates via FTP to my hosting company. Total control over my website is within my hands. I don't have to wait for a programmer to update my website for me.

What else can I do? Well, I can create ALL of the typical business paperwork supplies, such as: business cards, calendars, letterhead, email, fax cover, shipping labels, return address labels, envelopes, postcards, thank-you cards, greeting cards, invitations, etc. I can create billing statements, weekly records, expense reports, inventory lists, invoices, refunds, statements, product lists, purchase orders, even gift certificates.

I can create all of my business promotional brochures and save them in a format to print at a commercial printer or take to another computer. Or, I can create and print a multi-page brochure, tri-fold brochure, informational flyer or brochure, special offer flyer, etc. myself. I can create my own magazine advertisements in a format that can be used by publishers. I can even create a multi-page catalog or brochure that I can covert to an E-Catalog or E-Brochure.

For example, my Linda Walsh Originals 2006 E-Brochure .PDF file was created by Microsoft Publisher.

I can create a print Newsletter and then covert it to an E-Newsletter or email it as an attachment. I can even create a Word document or import one into a publisher file.

And, best of all, I can create my doll pattern product, both print form and e-pattern form. With a program that versatile how could you not love it?

I take the pictures of my dolls, massage them a little with Microsoft Picture It or Adobe Photoshop and them insert them into my Microsoft Publisher cover file. I can them create a .jpeg picture of just the front cover to use on any website or, in my case for use on

With Microsoft Publisher I can create my complete doll pattern which includes the following:

The front cover includes a digital picture of the pattern, the Pattern #, doll size, doll’s name, and doll description.

The back page lists all of the supplies needed to make the doll, including where each of the supplies is used (listed in the parenthesis). It also includes our company information, copyrights, and legal information concerning the use of our pattern.

The instruction sheet lists in detail the sewing instructions, additional pieces to be cut, and the instructions for putting the doll together from start to finish. The instruction sheets follow the diagrams from beginning to end and include many references to the diagrams pages. The instruction sheet also references each pattern piece by its name and each pattern piece edge by its label.

The diagrams pages are hand drawn picture examples of putting the doll together from start to finish and show you how the doll should look step by step. They follow the instruction sheets from beginning to end.

The pattern sheets are all full size page sheets. All of the pattern pieces are named and indicate the number of pieces to cut. The edges of all the pattern pieces are labeled as to edge placement and what sewing is to be done with that edge. If the edge is to be sewn to another pattern piece then the edge contains the name of that specific pattern piece. The fold lines, sew lines, and cutting lines are all indicated as well.

The steps for creating a doll pattern in Microsoft Publisher are really very easy. First, in Publisher I create a file for my doll pattern cover, front and back. Second, I import my written instructions from the Word document I used into my Publisher doll pattern file. Third, once I've scanned my diagrams and pattern piece sheets into my computer I insert them into my Publisher doll pattern file. Finally, once everything is contained within one doll pattern Publisher file I create my .pdf file using the Adobe Printer command from Publisher. My print pattern can be printed from my complete Publisher doll pattern file or my e-pattern can be created from my complete Publisher doll pattern file.

There are just so many things I can do as a small business owner with Microsoft Publisher. There may be other programs out there that are better. I wouldn't know. I've been using Microsoft Publisher since it first came out (20+ years, maybe?) and have had no reason to switch. It's easy to use, it's versatile, it handles ALL my small business needs, and, creatively, I enjoy using it. What could be better than that?


  1. Hi Linda, just dropping by to say hello and read your blog article which I just loved! Great information!
    Have a great day Linda!

  2. Hi, Jan. Glad you liked it.