Thursday, May 04, 2006

Oh, No! We Can't Be a Featured Shoppe!

"Oh No! We can't be a featured shoppe for the month of May on Annie's Folkart Square website. We just can't!" Jael cried.

"How could Linda do this to us?" Jael asked.

"Okay, maybe I could understand if it was just Linda. She does things to us that no self respecting person should do to their dollies. But, Annie? Annie from Folkart Square. She'd never do such a thing! Would she?" Jael exclaimed.

"I don't know why you are so upset Jael," responded Baptist. "All I can say is WE LOOK GOOD!" "Just look at how well our colors compliment the Folkart Square colors. WE DEFINITELY LOOK GOOD!" Baptist exclaimed.

"Oh, Baptist! Is that all you care about - how GOOD you look?" Jael asked.

"Well, yeah!" Baptist exclaimed. "What else would I need to be concerned with?" he asked.

"THE OTHER DOLLIES!!!!" Jael cried. "THE OTHER DOLLIES will start talking and whispering again and, I can't take it any more," Jael sobbed.

Baptist started to pace - back and forth, back and forth just outside the dollie storage room. He couldn't have his sister so upset. Guaranteed she was a little shy - okay, maybe, VERY SHY, but this was going too far. He needed help. "I've got to find Doris Marie," he said. "Jael please stay here and STOP crying!" he exclaimed. "Everything will be alright! All the dollies love you! he said.

And, with that statement he went off to find Doris Marie. She would know what to do about Jael and how to approach Linda with yet another infraction. But, damn he had to admit - WE LOOK GOOD!

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