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Do You Have Any Doll Patterns for Beginners?

Based upon our previous article "What Makes Linda Walsh Originals Doll Patterns So Wonderful? you now know why our Linda Walsh Originals patterns are so wonderful.

The 2nd question we always get asked is, "Do you have any doll patterns for beginners?" The answer is "Yes, actually, we do." Most of my Linda Walsh Originals doll patterns can be handled by beginners. Some are more difficult and require an intermediate or more experienced crafter and/or sewer but most do not.

So I thought that in order to make it easier for you that I would categorize my doll patterns for you into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. That way, you'll know ahead of time which doll patterns you can handle based upon your skill level.

Don't forget all of my doll patterns are now available as Instant Download E-Patterns.

Doll Patterns for Beginner Crafters or Sewers:

Beginner Victorians:

LW003 "LouArlene" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW007 "Elizabeth" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW008 "Roxy" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW009 "Priscilla" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW015 "Hilda" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW019 "Helen Louise" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW024 "Elmer's Little Boy" Victorian Boy Doll Pattern
LW140 "Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister" Victorian Girl Doll Pattern
LW141 "Punky - Elmer's Little Scarecrow" Victorian Scarecrow Doll Pattern
LW026 "Celia" Victorian Doll Pattern

Beginner Country Doll Patterns:

LW122 "Mabel - I Might!" NEW Country Doll Pattern
LW127 "Ambrose - With the Big Eyes" NEW Country Boy Doll Pattern
LW128 "Theodora - With the Big Eyes" NEW Country Girl Doll Pattern
Beginner Colonial Doll Patterns:

LW126 "Helena" NEW Colonial Doll Pattern
LW131 "Alice Loves Her Big Eyes" NEW Colonial Girl Doll Pattern
LW133 "Beatrice - Maid for All Seasons" NEW Colonial Doll Pattern
LW134 "Jacob" NEW Colonial Boy Doll Pattern
LW136 "Mercy" NEW Colonial Girl Doll Pattern

Beginner Primitive Doll Patterns:

LW105 "Primitive Andy" Primitive Raggedy Andy Doll Pattern
LW106 " Primitive Annie" Primitive Raggedy Ann Doll Pattern
LW124 "Sweet Julianna" NEW Primitive Doll Pattern
LW129 "Baptist and His Smile" NEW Primitive Boy Doll Pattern
LW130 "Jael Loves Her Smile" NEW Primitive Girl Doll Pattern
LW138 "Rag-doll Anthony" NEW Primitive Boy Doll Pattern
LW139 "Rag-doll Annabell Lee" NEW Primitive Girl Doll Pattern
LW142 "Annie - Where's My Legs?" NEW Primitive Raggedy Andy Doll Pattern
LW143 "Andy - Where's My Legs?" NEW Primitive Raggedy Ann Doll Pattern
LW144 "Peter - The Primitive Farmer" NEW Primitive Doll Pattern
LW145 "Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife" NEW Primitive Doll Pattern
LW107 "Gypsy Annie" Primitive Doll Pattern Primitive Raggedy Ann Doll Pattern

Beginner Fall - Seasonal Doll Patterns:

LW146 "William Come or Won't They?" NEW Primitive Scarecrow Doll Pattern
LW147 "Hazard - A Guess What I Am?" NEW Primitive Ghost Doll Pattern
LW148 "Mabel - I Won't Cast A Spell?" NEW Primitive Witch Doll Pattern
LW113 "Scarecrow Andy" Primitive Raggedy Andy Scarecrow Doll Pattern
LW114 "Primitive Andy Frankenstein" Primitive Raggedy Andy Frankenstein Doll Pattern
LW115 "Primitive Annie Witch" Primitive Raggedy Ann Witch Doll Pattern
LW116 " Scarecrow Rob" Scarecrow Doll Pattern
LW117 "Scarier Per Pound, David" Ghost Doll Pattern
LW119 "Pleasantly Plump. Eunice" Pilgrim Woman Doll Pattern
LW120 "Norman The Pilgrim" Pilgrim Man Doll Pattern
LW121 "Call Me Frank N. Stein" Frankenstein Doll Pattern

Beginner Winter - Seasonal Doll Patterns:

LW149 "Benjamin - Cross My Heart" NEW Primitive Snowman Doll Pattern
LW150 "Isabell - Cross My Heart" NEW Primitive Snowlady Doll Pattern
LW083 "Harriet, Donald & Lil Charlie" Country Snow Family Doll Pattern
LW084 "Jerry Snow Guy" Country Snowman Doll Pattern
LW085 "Sissie Snow Gal" Country Snowlady Doll Pattern
LW086 "Kathleen Snow Queen" Primitive Snowman Doll Pattern
LW087 "Alexander Snow Tsar" Primitive Snowlady Doll Pattern
LW102 "Brian Snow Buddy" Country Snowman Doll Pattern

Beginner Spring/Summer - Seasonal Doll Patterns:

LW151 "Patience - Is a Virtue" NEW Primitive Bunny Doll Pattern
LW099 "Baby Nicky" Baby Boy Doll Pattern
LW100 "Play Ball, Please! Jeffrey" Boy Doll Pattern
LW103 "James" Graduation Boy Doll Pattern
LW104 "Anna" Graduation Girl Doll Pattern
LW091 "Uncle Warren - A True Patriot" Primitive Uncle Sam Doll Pattern

Beginner Christmas - Holiday Doll Patterns:

LW036 "Yikes, Santa" Santa Doll Pattern
LW096 "Morning Walk Karl" Woodsman Doll Pattern
LW038 "Can't I Sit Santa" Santa Doll Pattern
LW039 "Santa Straight & Tall" Santa Doll Pattern
LW053 "Roly-Poly Santa" Santa Doll Pattern
LW041 "Isabella" Angel Doll Pattern
LW042 "Lucy" Angel Doll Pattern

Beginner Other Craft Patterns:

LW043 "It's Us! Ma,Pa,Sis,Bro & Baby Walsh" Terra Cotta Carolers Craft Pattern
LW045 "Trio of Santa's" Terra Cotta Santa's Craft Pattern
LW048 "It's Me, Ginny" Terra Cotta Bunny Craft Pattern
LW065 "Hop Along, Harry & Sally" Wood Bunnies Craft Pattern

Doll Patterns for Intermediate Crafters or Sewers:
LW005 "Mattie" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW010 "Linda" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW011 "Flossie" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW012 "Dee" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW013 "Augusta" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW014 "Julia Bridget" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW016 "Marie Antoinette" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW017 "Kimberly" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW018 "Josephine" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW020 "Alta Helen" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW021 "Victorian Annie" Victorian Raggedy Ann Doll Pattern
LW022 "Victorian Andy" Victorian Raggedy Andy Doll Pattern
LW118 "Wickedly Plump, Dot" Witch Doll Pattern
LW123 "Magdalene - The Drama Queen!" NEW Victorian Doll Pattern
LW125 "Susan Renee - My Beautiful Gray" NEW Primitive Doll Pattern
LW132 "Denis Loves His Big Eyes" NEW Colonial Boy Doll Pattern
LW136 "Annie - Be" NEW Colonial Raggedy Ann Doll Pattern
LW137 "Andy - Be" NEW Colonial Raggedy Andy Doll Pattern

Doll Patterns for Advanced Crafters or Sewers:

LW001 "Elsa" Victorian Bridal Doll Pattern
LW002 "Flora Ellen" Victorian Bridal Doll Pattern
LW004 "Joy" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW006 "Mary Elizabeth" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW027 "Debra" Victorian Doll Pattern
LW028 "Nellie Snowlady" Victorian Doll Pattern

Even some of the intermediate patterns can be handled by crafters and/or sewers who are familiar with sewing terminology and have sewn some of my patterns.

So now you know which patterns you can handle based upon your skill level. We have lots and lots of patterns for beginners.

So, let's get to sewing and crafting and have some fun! Come on. Time's a wasting!

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