Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Last But Not Least! But, Aren't You Rushing It A Bit?

I finished them! I finished them! I finished them! The last of them, but certainly not the least of them. What am I talking about? Well, I finished the last group of 9 new doll patterns from the series of 30 BRAND new doll pattern designs that I designed this winter.

If you haven't seen pictures of them you're missing out. So, I thought I'd show them to you. They all will have their own individual stories to tell on my Linda's Blog and DOLLS BLOG so be sure to keep an eye out for them.
Ambrose - With The Big Eyes!

Theodora - With The Big Eyes!

Rag-Doll Anthony

Rag-Doll Annabell Lee

Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister

Punky - Elmer's Little Scarecrow

William Come or Won't They?

Hazard A Guess What I Am?

Mabel - I Won't Cast A Spell?

It might seem like I'm rushing the seasons with a witch, ghost, and scarecrow doll and doll pattern now. Maybe so. Oh, well! As far as I'm concerned a little "witchy poo" or "spooky ghost" in the Spring never hurt anyone. Of course, then I'm not a bunny doll either. From what I've heard all of my bunny dolls are planning to picket my house. They had a list of demands - one of which was that each doll was to remain within their own season. Okay, Okay! I get it! I get it! No infringing on anyone else's territory. Does that make you happy now? Now get to work - start making those chocolate Easter eggs!

These dolls. You can't live with them and you (or at least I) can't live without them. So persnickety!!!

I do hope you like the last nine. They are the last but, certainly not, the least of my doll pattern designs. We have many, many, many more new doll pattern designs still waiting to be sewn and written. More dolls. Good! Competition! That should keep all these "dollies" in line!

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