Saturday, February 11, 2006

Wait Until You See The Doll Patterns We Have In Store For You!

Oh, my gosh! I'm so excited!!! Here I go again with The Pointer Sisters song. Calm down, Linda. Take a breathe. Okay, Okay!

I just wanted to tell you that I have finally finished with the thirty (yes,30) new patterns that I have designed for my Linda Walsh Originals website. They are finally done and will be rolled out during the next few weeks. They're all beautiful and wonderful and marvelous and gorgeous and spectacular and phenomenal and unbelievable and .....! Of course, then I'm prejudice. Well, what else would you expect the designer to say, "They stink?" "They're horrible?"

The picture above is a sneak preview of some of the dolls from my new "Gray is Beautiful!" doll pattern series. If you are a reader of my Linda's Blog then you will remember that I had previously posted an article about this entitled "Gray is Beautiful, too!"

In any event, I thought I'd let you know their names and a little about each of them so when they're finally released you'll be waiting for them. There are a lot of brothers and sisters, even some twins. Don't let them gang up on you.

1) LW122 "Mabel - I Might!" - 21" Country Doll Pattern from my "Gray is Beautiful" doll pattern series. There isn't anything Mabel can't do once she puts her mind to it. She reminds me of "Rosie the riveter" from the WWII commercials.

2) LW123 "Magdalene - The Drama Queen!" - 21" Victorian Doll Pattern from my "Gray is Beautiful" doll pattern series. Magdalene is very much the Drama Queen and is always needs her smelling salts. Everytime I look at her I think of King George.

3) LW124 "Sweet Julianna" - 12" Primitive Doll Pattern from my "Gray is Beautiful" doll pattern series. Julianna is a sweet and shy young woman. She doesn't want to intrude. She's just the sweetest little thing.

4) LW125 "Susan Renee - My Beautiful Gray!" - 13" Primitive Doll Pattern from my "Gray is Beautiful" doll pattern series. Susan is a big snob. Can't you tell that already? She wants to be called "Susan Renee" and not just "Susan." whoopee!

5) LW126 "Helena" - 12" Colonial Doll Pattern from my "Gray is Beautiful" doll pattern series. Helena is a tough old bird and can handle anything that is thrown at her. There is nothing in life she hasn't seen or done.

6) LW127 "Ambrose - With The Big Eyes" - 18" Country Doll Pattern. Ambrose is just the happiest guy you'd ever want to meet. Nothing gets him down not even the teasing from his twin sister Theodora.

7) LW128 "Theodora - With The Big Eyes" - 17" Country Doll Pattern. Theodora is forever teasing her twin brother Ambrose. She can't help it because she's a bit of an imp.

8) LW129 "Baptist And His Smile" - 18" Primitive Doll Pattern. Baptist is the wildest primitive you'd ever want to meet. He's a dare devil and just a little a bit of a wild child.

9) LW130 "Jael Loves Her Smile" - 18" Primitive Doll Pattern. Jael loves her older brother Baptist but is a wee bit more conservative than he is. She's a little on the shy side until you get her to smile. Then, look out!

10) LW131 "Alice Loves Her Big Eyes" - 16" Colonial Doll Pattern. Alice is the epitome of a proper, colonial girl. She has manners and believes in being friendly and courteous at all times. Her one slight flaw is that she can't stop looking at herself in the mirror. She's just in love with her big, beautiful eyes. Both she and her twin brother, Denis, inherited their good looks from their mother.

11) LW132 "Denis Loves His Big Eyes" - 16 Colonial Doll Pattern. Denis with one "n" isn't at all proper like his twin sister Alice. He might dress properly but he's a rascal and the girls just love to run their fingers through his full head of curly brown hair. He also spends a lot of time in front of the mirror just looking at his own big, beautiful eyes.

12) LW133 "Beatrice - Maid For All Seasons" - 15" Colonial Doll Pattern. Beatrice is a proper maid and knows her place. She is very organized and keeps the household running smoothly. Don't cross her. She knows how to get even.

13) LW134 "Jacob" - 16" Colonial Boy Doll Pattern. Jacob was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and very much expects everything to be given to him on a silver platter.

14) LW135 "Mercy" - 16" Colonial Girl Doll Pattern. Mercy was also born with a silver spoon in her mouth but takes after her mother and is more interested in others than herself. She thinks her brother Jacob should also be more concerned about humanitarian efforts than his own egotistical concerns.

15) LW136 "Annie -Be" - 16" Colonial Girl Doll Pattern. Annie - Be is brand new to the colonies and is just learning all the ropes. She's anxious to meet new friends as she misses her old friends from England.

16) LW137 "Andy - Be" - 16" Colonial Boy Doll Pattern. Andy - Be loves an adventure and loves meeting new people. He was raring to go and practically off the ship before it had docked in New England.

17) LW138 "Rag-doll Anthony" - 16" Primitive Boy Doll Pattern. Rag-doll Anthony is very protective of his baby sister "Rag-doll Annabell Lee." He's much wiser, or so he thinks, and knows the ropes, or so he thinks.

18) LW139 "Rag-doll Annabell Lee" - 16" primitive Girl Doll Pattern. Rag-doll Annabell Lee lets her brother think he's in charge but she really knows who rules the roost. Not her mother, not her father, and certainly not her older brother, Rag-doll Anthony.

19) LW140 "Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister" - 10" Victorian Girl Doll Pattern. Doris Marie is every bit as cute as her brother, Elmer, and she knows it. She thinks she can sweet talk her way in and out of anything. She also a bit of a crossword puzzle whiz.

20) LW141 "Punky - Elmer's Little Scarecrow" - 11" Victorian Scarecrow Doll Pattern. Punky, that's his nickname, is Elmer's secret pal. Only Elmer can talk to him and see him. He likes Elmer but feels that Elmer keeps him from doing his job. After all, he is a scarecrow.

21) LW142 "Annie - Where's My Legs?" - 7" Primitive Girl Doll Pattern from my "Stout Doll Pattern" series. Annie doesn't know where her legs are. Can you help her?

22) LW143 "Andy - Where's My Legs?" - 7" Primitive Boy Doll Pattern from my "Stout Doll Pattern" series. Andy doesn't know where his legs are either but he doesn't fret about it as much as his sister, Annie, does.

23) LW144 "Peter - The Primitive Farmer" - 7" Primitive Man Doll Pattern from my "Stout Doll pattern" series. Peter believes that every day should be spent working hard and providing for your family. There is nothing like a good day of hard labor.

24) LW145 "Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife" - 7" Primitive Female Doll Pattern from my "Stout Doll Pattern" series. Margaret believes that she should do everything she can to help her husband, Peter. So, she always has a home cooked meal ready for him at the end of a hard day of labor.

25) LW146 "William Come Or Won't They?" - 7" Primitive Scarecrow Pattern from my "Stout Doll Pattern" series. William can't figure out whether the scarecrows are going to come or not. If they do, he's prepared.

26) LW147 "Hazard - A Guess What I Am?" - 7" Primitive Ghost Pattern from my "Stout Doll Pattern" series. Hazard seems to have a bit of a problem in that people aren't really sure he's a ghost. He can't understand this because he thinks he's scary!

27) LW148 "Mabel - I Won't Cast A Spell?" - 7" Primitive Witch Pattern from my "Stout Doll Pattern" series. Mabel can't decide whether to be a good witch or a bad witch. She's watched " The Wizard of Qz" so many times your head would spin. And, sometimes her's does? After all, she is a witch.

28) LW149 "Benjamin - Cross My Heart" - 7" Primitive Snowman Pattern from my "Stout Doll Pattern" series. Benjamin is always making promises he can't keep. He always says he'll be around forever but every spring he's gone.

29) LW150 "Isabell - Cross My Heart" - 7" Primitive Snowlady Pattern from my "Stout Doll Pattern" series. Isabell just loves to make little girls smile. Unlike her brother, Benjamin, she never makes promises she can't keep.

30) LW151 "Patience - Is A Virtue" - 7" Primitive Bunny Pattern from my "Stout Doll pattern" series. Patience is so happy-go-lucky that she has a hard time controlling herself. She just bounces from here to there with not a care in the world.

So, now you know what we've got in store for you. We've got brothers, we've got sisters, we've got twins. We've also got new primitive doll patterns, Victorian doll patterns, country doll patterns and colonial doll patterns. Don't forget the new Raggedy Ann & Andy doll patterns, scarecrow doll patterns, witch doll patterns, snowman doll patterns, snowlady doll patterns, ghost doll patterns, and bunny doll patterns.

When they are released I'll be sure to introduce them in my Linda's Blog. They each have a story to tell. Of course! Don't all my doll patterns have stories? And, they all will be available as either print patterns or E-Patterns on my Linda Walsh Originals website.

With that many patterns yet to come aren't you just a little bit excited? Maybe not quite as excited as I am. But, come on! You're a little excited, aren't you?

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