Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"Tee and the Grande Dames" Series

I bet I have all my Linda's Blog readers stumped by that title. Are you asking yourselves - what could I mean by that and what could this series possibly be about? We know you love Victorians, Linda, so maybe you meant "tea" not "Tee." Sorry, "Tee" is correct. Okay, then you definitely meant "Grand Victorians" instead of "Grande Dames!" Wrong again "Grande Dames!" is correct. Okay, Linda, we're stumped - what is this series going to be about.?

The "Grande Dames" are a new line of handmade collectible dolls born of the quirky sense of humor of Tee Faris who is a friend of mine. According to Tee, the dolls portray the snootiest of "ladies" that you might hear gossiping on a bench or at a Tea Party (pinkies up, of course). You all remember that from a previous article of mine in the Victorian Traditions series, don't you. It was entitled "Will You Come To My Tea Party!"and covered the rule of why pinkies are always up. That's beside the point. As usual, I'm getting off track.

So why am I telling you this? Because, first of all, I "LOVE" the Grande Dames. They are marvelous. Secondly, because Tee used some of my Victorian "Ladies" doll patterns for some of the "Grande Dames" outfits. I think you'll all agree with me that "Tee" is very creative and very talented, indeed!

The Grande Dame that is pictured to the left is Ms. Nettie and was the very first doll that Tee made in the "Grande Dames" series. Isn't she just adorable? According to Tee, "Nettie, now in her 80's longs for her youth so her woven wool hair remains the same style she wore in the 50's." Her outfit was modeled after my "Flossie" doll pattern. If you'd like to see and read more about her please visit Tee's All About Prim website.

The "Grande Dame" that is pictured to the right is one of Tee's latest "Grande Dames" and her name is Constance. According to Tee, Constance as she observes her friends gossiping in the park thinks being old is "for the birds." She's much happier spreading around her bird seed and seems to have found a feathered friend on top of her hat. She is the 10th doll in the "Grande Dame" line. If you'd like to see and read more about her please visit Tee's All About Prim website.

Didn't you enjoy them? I thought you might. They just look like they're having fun! So, I thought that I'd show you some of Tee's "Grand Dames" as a series in a couple of articles. That way you all will have something to look forward to. If you are as excited about the "Grande Dames" as I am and can't wait for me to show them to you then please visit them.

The "Grand Dames!" are snootie and don't let just anyone come to see them. Sounds like some of my dolls, doesn't it? Tee assures me that she'll speak to them and make sure that anyone who wants to visit her All About Prim website and "The Grande Dames" pages will be able to visit. She guarantees they'll behave and you'll have a "Grande" Ole Time.


  1. The Grande Dames are just too cute!!! lol - really enjoyed this article Linda.

  2. NeeNee, thanks. I'll tell Tee you loved her Grande Dames. She'll appreciate it.