Friday, February 24, 2006

"Tee and the Grande Dames" Series - Part 3

I know you've all been anxiously awaiting the last article in my "Tee and the Grand Dames" series. If you haven't - the "Grande Dames" certainly have. Tee and the "Grande Dames" have a lot to tell you.

They've had a very busy time lately. Between luncheons at the ladies club and giving interviews they just haven't had time to breathe. They are just so tired and need a rest. After all, they are "Grande Dames" and they need they're beauty sleep.

The face that is pictured belongs to Ms. Lacy. She has had an even busier month than all the other "Grande Dames" as she has just come back from the Governor's Ball. She thinks this makes her special. Don't tell the other "Grand Dames" that she said that.

According to Tee, Lacy's butler, Sam picked roses from the garden to adorn Lacy's outfit so she'd smell as nice as she looks. Give that man a raise. Lacy was the envy of them all with her matching hat and veil. And, being the "Grande Dame" that she is she made sure that everyone knew it.

Lacy is the 8th doll in the "Grande Dame" series. If you'd like to see and read more about her please visit her on Tee's All About Prim website.

I hope you've enjoyed the "Tee and the Grand Dames" series. They promised they'd come back and see us again. That is, if they can fit us into their busy schedule.

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