Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Traditions Series - Half Way Thru

Having Christmas traditions is just such a wonderful experience especially for a child. Their memories last all the way through their lives and are, generally, incorporated into their own traditions with their children.

So far, I've posted four articles in my Christmas Traditions Series on my Linda's Blog:

1) Oh, Don't Stand Under The Mistletoe!
Posted on Linda's Blog 12/6/2005
2) Christmas Cards - A Wonderful Tradition!
Posted on Linda's Blog 12/2/2005
3) Christmas Means Presents! Doesn't It?
Posted on Linda's Blog 11/30/2005
4) Shop Til You Drop!
Posted Pre-Holiday on Linda's Blog 11/24/2005

There are four more articles to be posted on my Linda's Blog:

1) Just Hang Us Anywhere!
2) Who Doesn't Love Christmas Presents!
3) Caroling, Caroling, Now We Go, Christmas Bells are Ringing....
4) Yes, Linda, There Really is a Santa Claus!

Stay tuned for the last four. I hope you've enjoyed my Christmas Series so far.

Happy Holidays.

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