Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Dead Heat! Which Way Will It Go?

We promised to let you know from time to time what the results were for our "Should our Victorian "Ladies" remain faceless?" poll. Well, we are in a dead heat. That's right. A DEAD HEAT! It's 50 to 50. Fifty percent of you say the Victorians should remain faceless and fifty percent of you say the Victorian "Ladies" should have faces.

As far as the sexes are concerned, 95% of the respondents were female (no surprise there) with only ONE lone vote cast by a very brave male. My older brother would have a heart attack if he knew that a male had visited my Linda Walsh Originals doll pattern website. He hates dolls. Personally, I can't understand how anyone could hate dolls, but that's me.

In any event, it could now go either way.

Stay tuned. It may be such a close race that we'll need the Supreme Court to decide the outcome. How exciting! A Dead Heat! Which Way Will It Go?

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