Monday, January 28, 2013

Circle Me In Dresses - New Penny Rug Victorian Dresses Picture E-Pattern

I just love Victorian Era dresses and also love creating penny rug pictures using wool felt and thought penny rug Victorian dress picture decorations would be nice. So, my Victorian Dresses Series was born.

LW413 Circle Me In Dresses E-Pattern - Penny Rug Victorian Dress Picture Decoration - Victorian Dresses Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

Circle Me In Dresses is an e-pattern to create a 10" by 10" Victorian wool felt dress picture in a 12" by 12" purchased picture frame with 4 Victorian dresses in a penny rug style design.

Each felt dress piece is embroidered to the felt background and each felt dress overskirt piece is embroidered to it’s respective felt dress piece. Lace trims, seed beads, and other embellishments are sewn to the dresses and overskirt pieces.

The base and back lining are blanket stitch embroidered along the edges and the white overlay piece is embroidered to the base piece. The chain stitching and lazy daisy flowers are embroidered with white bead centers.

The pattern can be made as just a penny rug wool felt blanket stitched picture or enclosed within a wall picture frame or tabletop picture frame.

The pattern includes text instructions, step-by-step color diagrams for finishing the penny rug dress pictures from start to finish, full page picture layout sheet, full page dresses layout sheet and full page single sided pattern piece sheets. The pattern also includes step-by-step illustrations and instructions for  Blanket Stitching and Basic Chain Stitch & Lazy Daisy Flower Instructions. The pattern does not include instructions for making the wooden picture stand.

For more information on my Circle Me In Dresses e-pattern please CLICK HERE.

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