Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh, My! It's So Late, Santa! A Frazzled Munchkin FREE Santa E-Pattern

"Oh, My! It's So Late, Santa!" is a frazzled Munchkin Santa" who just can't believe what day it is and what time it is. How is he ever got to finish everything in time to get the presents to the good girl and boy munchkins? There's just no way. Grr.......

And, he's getting so frantic about it his hair is standing on end? Grr....... And, he can't sleep - which explains his sunken munchkin eyes. Grr..... And, he's so mad that he's so late! Grr.....

He's getting so frantic about it he can barely look at the calendar. Grr...... What to do! What to do! What should he do? Grr.....

There's just no time. Grr..............!

"Oh, My! It's So Late, Santa!" is a 9" country Santa ornament. He has a puffy, round muslin head. His face is drawn and he has sunken black bead eyes , a gathered and filled nose, blushed cheeks and oodles of freckles. His eyebrows, mustaches, and scraggly beard are made of raw mohair.

He has thick, straight, white yarn hair that is as frazzled as he is.

He is wearing his favorite fringed holiday shirt which is gathered in the center back. His pants are gathered at the waist and at the top of his black boots.

"Oh, My! It's So Late, Santa!" is so frazzled he just wants to cover his face with his hands. It's So Late! Grr..... What should he do? Grr...... What should he do? Grr......

He doesn't want to disappoint all the good "munchkin" boys and girls. What should he do? Grr.........

If you want to make your own "Oh, My! It's So Late, Santa!" you can do so. His FREE e-pattern is available as an instant download e-pattern on my Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website. Just CLICK HERE for his new e-pattern.

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Oh, It's! It's So Late, Santa!

If you'd like to download my FREE "Oh, My! It's So Late, Santa! Instant Download E-Pattern please just CLICK HERE or click on the picture above.

I hope you enjoy my FREE E-Pattern.

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