Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Refined Scarecrow, Jimmy! New Handmade Doll and NEW E-Pattern

Despite his name "I'm A Refined Scarecrow, Jimmy!" is not very refined - at least, according to his sister "I'm A Proper Scarecrow, Nancy!"

Nancy's hoping she can help her brother, Jimmy and turn him into a right proper and respectable Victorian. The problem is he is a boy and a scarecrow to boot!

But, Nancy thinks that doesn't mean he can't be Victorian and can't be the proper gentleman at all times.

After all, Victorian males are also well known for their manners and etiquette and since Nancy has plenty of that she figures she can transform Jimmy.

Nancy knows that she has been well trained and has no doubt she can teach her brother how to behave in a mannerly fashion. She is so confident of her skills that she is even willing to teach him how to dance.

And, if you've ever taught your brother how to dance - well, you know how that goes!

Jimmy is willing to give all this a try. He loves his sister - after all and will do his best to see that she doesn't fail. He knows he can do it and also secretly knows that he really is every bit as refined and proper as Nancy is.

But, he can't let her know that. He has to have a little fun - after all he is a boy and a scarecrow.

If you want to make your own "I'm A Refined Scarecrow, Jimmy!" you can do so. His new pattern is available as an instant download e-pattern on my Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website. Just CLICK HERE for his new e-pattern.

I hope you like "I'm A Refined Scarecrow, Jimmy!" His sister "The Proper Scarecrow, Nancy!" was released yesterday. Nancy's got her work cut out for her to get Jimmy ready for all the social events of the season. She thinks he's just not as refined as he needs to be - at least, not yet! Jimmy, on the other hand, knows better. They just don't get much more refined than Jimmy! Just don't tell Nancy!

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