Thursday, August 07, 2008

Punkin Ornaments Are We! A Trio of Ornaments NEW Handmade Dolls and NEW E-Pattern

Punkin Ornaments Are We! A Trio Of Ornaments

CLICK HERE to Download the LW161 Punkin Ornaments Are We! A Trio Of Ornaments E-Pattern
2" Pumpkin Ornaments
Pattern Classification - Beginner

Punkin ornaments are a fun group of "crazy guys" to make for the Fall. They are 2" cloth pumpkin ornaments with embroidered faces who just like to hang out just about anywhere. Hang'em up! Stick'em in a bowl of potpourri! Line them up on a shelf or even add them to a fall wreath. I hang some of mine from the door knobs in my kitchen and line others up in a long bowl surrounded by miniature cinnamon pumpkins.

They may be similar in size, but their diversity of color and the position of their embroidered faces make them unique. It's okay to be similar and part of a trio, but they each have there own personality which is reflected in their color and their face. The punkins are happy about that.

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